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James D. Custom Floors Ltd. offers a range of services for most floor coverings across the different environments of residential and commercial. The type of work offered comes in the following stages:


1. Consultation / Estimates / Scheduling / Moving

3. Preparation for Subflooring /


5. Final Stage of Finishing

2. Removal of Flooring

4. Installation of Flooring

The first stage involves all the activities prior to the actual work on site. We will come visit the site at your most convenient time, to conduct measurements and preliminary assessments. Next step is to provide you with a competitive estimate, the overall scope and budgets for flooring materials. After estimate is approved, comes the time to select samples – either at our showroom or at the site. Since is there is a multitude of options nowadays, we can help make an informed decision by giving you advice on specifications, cost and performance of each flooring sample.

Finally, after this, is the scheduling of the actual work on site. If needed, we can be flexible in working in separate phases to allow the customer access to the space. Or we can schedule the work to coincide with customer going away on trips or vacation. We also provide services to protect and move large furniture within the job site or, in certain cases, even storing the pieces offsite with storage companies.

Summary of the first stages:

- Site visit for measurements and inspections

- Providing the overall scope and estimates

- Sample showings and determination of flooring

- Scheduling work and organizing living and content manipulation either within the home or moving out and storing

- After process, schedules, and material arrivals, the next stages as listed below begin

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With the proper tools and knowhow, our technicians are extremely efficient in removing old flooring. However, as with any demolition work, some dust and debris are expected. And because our work is usually inside people's homes, a well thought out site protection plan is vital. Also, to ensure a safe working environment for our workers and customers, we follow correct procedures as well as schedule our work when it is the least obtrusive to homeowners, strata group or building management.

Summary of the types of removals:

- Floating Vinyl/Laminate 

- Glue down Vinyl sheet or plank 

- Glue down VCT tile

- Carpet and tackstrip

- Stairs of any type of flooring removal

- Glue down hardwood to wood or concrete

- Double glue down hardwood with underlay glued then hardwood glued on top on either wood or concrete

- Floating T&G Engineered Hardwood

- Nail down Hardwood

- Tile either ceramic on walls or porcelain on floor

- Boarding removal of fireplace or bathroom

- Provide all preliminary hazardous material testing

- Site protection for all types of removals

- Baseboards detaching or disposing

- Doors and Bi-Fold Doors removal

During the course of time, the substrate, whether wood or concrete, can settle or deteriorate in various ways. Adhesives can fail over time, separating wood substrates from joists. With building movement, concrete floors can develop cracks. Because of these processes, it is vital to assess the integrity of the substrate before any new flooring is installed.

Commonly encountered issues with subflooring and substrates are damage, unevenness, and not being perfectly flat. To ensure a good final product, these are issues that need to be dealt with before any new flooring is installed. We will inform you if any additional work is required.

Summary of the types of floor preparations

- Wood Subfloor Replacement

- Concrete Subfloor Replacement

- Site Protection for Prep

- Self-leveling Compound supply and installation

- Scratch Coating to fill cavities and smooth out

- Grinding/Scraping to remove or flatten areas

- All priming and materials used as recommend from leveling, to screws and adhesives for wood

- Prepping the stairs for transition from carpet to wood or vice versa with the nosings

After all the necessary site protection, removal and preparation is completed, the stage of installing the new flooring covering is reached. Below includes the types of installations that can be offered and other miscellaneous things that we also offer that is required in most events.

Summary of the types flooring installations

- Floating Laminate, vinyl click 

- Vinyl sheeting, Vinyl plank/tile glue down

- Floating engineered hardwood tongue and groove glue assist

- Nail down hardwood

- Glue down hardwood to substrate or double glue down with firstly adhering underlay to substrate

- Sanding / Staining / Finishing hardwood flooring

- Carpet installation glue down or on underlay

- Stair with Nosing installation for Carpet or hard surface flooring

- Carpet Tile installations

- New bathroom backerboarding for tiles on walls

- Any membrane or bathrooms systems like niches or heat mats

- Tiling walls, backsplashes, or flooring

- Sealing or buffing hardwood or tiles as required

All installation complete, the final finishings of reattaching baseboards and painting, cleaning the surrounding areas or any final fixes required to complete the work and pass on the site for move back of items and/or furniture, and handing over the site back to owners.

Summary of the types flooring installations

- Reattaching baseboards or supply and install of new baseboards

- Shoe mouldings

- Painting the baseboards and any touchups

- Installation of staining or other material transitions

- Installing corner shelves or dishes for bathroom settings

- Cleaning services of full or partial cleans of the areas

- Organizing content manipulation back into positions or moving back all items that were taken out for storage

- Reinstall any Doors and Bi-Fold doors that were removed

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